Set of 3 sheets of beeswax - floral | Econawa

₪ 82.00
By Econawa

Set of 3 sheets of reusable beeswax for wrapping plates, fruit halves and sandwiches.

Thanks to beeswax the pages stick together and get the shape of the product they are wrapping.
Summery and colorful design.
Replace the use of cling film and plastic bags.
With proper use you can use for a year.

35 * 35 cm, 27 * 27 cm, 20 * 20 cm.

Beeswax and cotton

Why do we love him?
100% recyclable
Natural fibers
Nylon clutch replacement
Summery and colorful design

The lifespan of the cover is one year in proper use.
Rinse the cover with cold water and a little soap and air dry!
Avoid hot water, microwave or oven. Can be put in the freezer.