40 Weeks - Pregnancy Diary

₪ 70.00

Are you pregnant? Mazel Tov!

In the next 40 weeks you will go on a fascinating journey where you will discover: new places to vomit, exciting and disturbing symptoms, And a wide and surprising range of emotions that you have not known before - on the way to changing your life forever!

This diary is like a memory capsule in which you can document your strange dreams, the more and less photogenic moments, and everything worth remembering from this exciting time (and you will be amazed at how fast we repress ...) and also learn new and amazing poses for pregnancy photos, discover what names will give Your baby has world fame and a million followers on Instagram, and why is it forbidden to eat cauliflower before bed. Is your partner pregnant? Amazing!

Now you too, your spouse, will be able to take part in this strange journey and understand why it's a turn to eat borax at 2 at night and how to breathe less loudly because you wake it up with all this noise.

Is your girlfriend / daughter / colleague / cousin pregnant?

Treat her to an original and witty gift because how many packs of pampering creams does she already need?