Zairi Li Corona | Shany Harari

₪ 85.00

The book "Zairi Li Corona" contains 32 poems that were written during the period of the closure of the plague. The songs were written by Shani Harari, writer, designer and owner of BananaMama, a lifestyle blog for mothers and children.

These are bastard children's songs, which also appeal to adults, and mostly describe the family reality of "Corona Vacation": anxieties, laughter, boredom and zoom conversations. The book, edited by Sharon Kantor, is accompanied by illustrations by a silk-screen printing artist and illustrator Dekel Hebroni and designed by Kobi Franco.

"Like a lot of good things in my life, the corona songs were born almost by accident," says Harari. "I've been working on a book of children's songs (funny, weird and bitter) about animals for a few months now. On one of the first days of the big Corona holiday, a friend said to me: 'Maybe you'll write a song about Corona? A tiny virus is also an animal. Explain to children who it is, what it is. He and what he wants. "

The first song she wrote she posted on Facebook and received a flood of comments and requests for more. It was followed by more and more songs, which is more or less what the whole strange period of closure did - she wrote. "Every evening I read the songs to David, my middle son. There were songs that made him laugh, there were some that scared him and there were also some that caused a little emotional turmoil in the house. After two weeks, during which a new song was published every morning, I understood something else ": I want to take the songs out and turn them into a book, hoping it will serve - not just for me and my family - a kind of memento of those long days and weeks, which were awful and beautiful, confusing and pleasant, stressful and calm, sad and funny as a kind of essence of life."