Green Pea Doll | Simple Happy Kitchen

₪ 90.00

A green pea doll is a necessary doll in any home that believes it should have a green pea doll. Our pea is a bit strange, but always smiling and doing pleasant and tasty things. Great for making pea soup as long as no one is going to eat it.

Real green peas, not the ones made of cloth, are a good source of vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium and also of protein. It is round and small, so there are many cases where we find it crushed on the floor from one of our previous meals.
Her doll is about 25 cm in size, ball shaped.

The dolls of Simple Happy Kitchen are a natural and high-quality source of happiness for vegans or anyone interested in vegan food, vegetarian food, or any non-edible plant food.

Each doll has its own character, and you can grow it as a doll or decorative pillow. The dolls are soft and pleasant, each of them has its own nutritional values, but it is really not recommended for food, because this fabric is not edible for most of us.

For children they can be used as an educational means of getting to know healthy food from plants, most children will fall in love with green peas after adopting a pea doll!

For adults, the dolls will make the house happier, funnier and more comfortable. After all, it is known that houses containing a green pea doll are houses full of green light and joy.

Imagine what it's like to come home at the end of a working day, and a pea doll is waiting for you!

Each doll comes well-packaged with a matching sticker, so her adoption will be perfect!

Our dolls are safe to use for babies, children and even adults. All of them passed all the strict tests of the Israeli Standards Institute.