Tomato Socks | Simple Happy Kitchen

₪ 44.00

Our wonderful tomato, in many poses for the camera and on a black background. Delicious, healthy and rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Not only that, it is also a good source of vitamin A that helps strengthen the immune system, eyesight and skin health. Known in the city and in the countryside as a base for vegan pizza sauce, ketchup or even as an inspiration for dried tomatoes. In short - perfect!

The socks of Simple Happy Kitchen will make your feet feel good! Made of 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex (together it's 100%, we calculated on our own without a calculator!)

They are pleasant, flexible and particularly comfortable, suitable for the Israeli climate and even for the Israeli washing machine.

Available in two sizes: medium - 36-40, large - 41-45.