Coloring Book | Simple Happy Kitchen

₪ 29.00

The Simple Happy Kitchen coloring book is a great gift for children and adults. It contains black outline illustrations of the characters from our flora. Next to some of the figures there is an inscription with the name of the vegetable/legume/grain/food, so that for children (or adults who are not familiar with the entire vegan selection), it is not only a coloring book, it also teaches and renews!

The figures can be painted in any color you want. This means that no one will come to you with complaints about your purple lemon or orange lettuce. However, an orange that is not an orange can be problematic in certain places.

The booklet has 34 coloring pages printed in high resolution on matte white paper, so the colors do not smear on it.

The booklet has a slightly stiffer colored cover, with staples.

The size of the booklet is 21 x 29.7 cm, which is actually A4.