Ecological Reusable Bag | Simple Happy Kitchen

₪ 49.00

An ecological reusable bag with the plant characters of Simple Happy Kitchen is a great alternative to the disposable plastic bags. It is strong and durable, folds into itself (absolutely not in the New Age section, it really folds into a pocket that is connected to the inside). Other reusable bags look on with envy.

Has strong seams and is washable. The print on it is embedded in the fabric, so it will never erase or fade.

Great for shopping for fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, or basically anything you would put in a plastic bag. Because it is so cute and beautiful, it is also great as a packing bag for traveling or for gathering edible plants outside the house.

The size of the bag is 28.5 x 40 cm, and its depth is 15 cm. The size of each handle is 16 x 15 cm. When closed inside the pocket, its size is only about 15 x 15 cm and can be stored in a pocket or bag.