Simple Happy Kitchen - Book

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A plant-based diet and the vegan lifestyle are becoming more and more popular.
We are all beginning to understand their many benefits to our health, the planet and the animals.

The problem: there is so much confusing information everywhere, and most of it is based on unclear tables and figures.
The solution: a simple happy kitchen!

The book "A Simple Happy Kitchen" is rich in interesting and entertaining illustrations that make all the information you need accessible and clear, so that you and your family can enjoy a lifestyle based on a plant-based diet.
Join Pedro Almondover (Roasted Almond), who will lead you through simple steps on the way to a healthy, compassionate and easier to implement life. It doesn't matter if you are just curious, or want to make that change, or even already there and just want to know more - this book is for you. In your journey through the book, you will discover facts that are all based on research and articles. All nutritional information in this guide has been written and reviewed by certified clinical nutritionists. After the success of the book in its English version and following many requests from Israel, I am happy to produce it in Hebrew as well.

"Simple Happy Kitchen" is not a cookbook or a diet book! It is the first book of its kind in the world, designed to guide its readers and help them improve their nutrition and the nutrition of their family. Instead of graphs, numbers and warnings, this nutrition guide uses a visual language that anyone can understand and enjoy, with positive messages and humor. It is actually a kind of simple and happy encyclopedia.

All the information in the book is based on studies and articles, and all of them have been tested and approved by qualified and excellent nutritionists!

What's in the book?
Why veganism, and why is it good for everyone? • How to understand food labels • Building a healthy shopping list • A guide to spices, oil, leafy greens, legumes and grains • The benefits of soaking and sprouting • Plant-based milk substitutes • Planning vegan meals • Tips for cooking and storing food • Plant-based protein • Plant-based calcium • Iron from plants • Guide to vitamins and minerals • Simple ways to improve mineral absorption • Children and veganism • Ethical shopping guide • Facts about animals • To-do list on the way to veganism • Simple meals to prepare • Lots of tips and ideas • And much more!