Astrid - tyvec polar Fanny Pack | Akkoniq

₪ 249.00
By Akkoniq

Astrid is a minimalist crossbody sling that can also be used as a small shoulder bag. Like all Akkoniq products, it’s highly sustainable, PETA-certified vegan, and free of toxic substances. It features an extra-wide opening for convenient access to your gear and complete flattening for compact storage, an inner mesh pocket, and a key hanger for easy access to your keys.

The main fabric of the backpack, Tyvec Polar, is a 100% recyclable, OEKO-TEX®-certified material offering a combination of the performance of paper, film, and fabric with a soft, “creamy” texture. It’s water-resistant, shedding rain, snow, and spills, yet at the same time breathable, allowing water vapor to escape. The material is also durable and tear-resistant yet still lightweight and flexible, boasting a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. However, please keep in mind that being one of the most compactable and lightweight bags out there, it requires a bit more care and attention than your average heavy-duty bag to maintain its quality and condition. For example, dragging it on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt can cause damage to the fabric.