"Yoman HaBalagan" 22-23 Weekly Calender (large) | Salon Mazal

₪ 60.00

A weekly calendar involves old books and is studded with protest butterflies and history

The Diary of the Mess was born at the Center for Social Change Salon Mazal, which operated in an anonymous alley in Tel Aviv. The salon's activities gathered dates and holidays from various beliefs in Israel and around the world and found anecdotes from the history of the protest and the margins according to each date of the year. These hundreds of details were placed in a weekly diary that they would illustrate by hand, duplicate with a photocopier, and wrap in children's books or art books - simply because their pages were thick enough to be used as a cover.
A few years have passed and Mazal Salon has since closed, but the diary is continuing in spirit and paper, and every year is re-edited and sees light as a non-profit. The content and design are a little more meticulous today and the basic production is aided by local printing houses, but each date is still accompanied by a historical anecdote from a critical or amused angle, and each cover is still crafted from remnants of encyclopedias and children's books, comics, maps and notebooks.

Creator: Uri Autumn, Mazal Salon
Dimensions: 15 * 21 cm.
Hebrew: Left to Right.
There are dozens of different covers - you can choose between colored and black and white and we will choose a surprising one for you!