Annual Diary 23-24 (Dark) | Mayul

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By Mayul

Annual calendar 2023-2024

The calendar starts on the first of September 2023 and ends on the first of September 2024.
Hebrew and foreign dates.
Addition of gold foil on the front and back that makes the diary classic and accurate

At the beginning of the diary there is a place for an annual calendar arranged in dots (that is, "birthday to Jordan"/"wedding to the jubilee" - a good and convenient option to know in advance what we have during the year from a spatial point of view).

At the beginning of each month there is a monthly layout, monthly tasks, a drawing for each month, and a whole point page for nonsense and all kinds of things that there is no proper place to write them, just doodles :).

This week is spread over 2 pages.
At the end of the diary there are a few pages of points and lines for lists and additional chatter, in case you are missing :)
*The pages are thick and convenient to write and mark even with markers, there is no fear that it will move to the next page :)