Hummus Enamel Pin | Simple Happy Kitchen

₪ 26.00

Our hummus pin includes a happy hummus grain, half a pita and onion. It serves as a signal for hummus lovers wherever they are. The legend from Beit Ali Karvan says that whoever wears it, gets an automatic refill at the end of every hummus meal. Since it is made of metal, it is not recommended to use it for a hummus recipe, it is not expected to soften with baking soda, nor in cooking for 24 hours.
Hummus is a wonderful source of protein and iron. It is healthy, tasty, causes an increased secretion of serotonin and therefore makes you happy. Therefore it is not surprising that about 90% of Israelis eat it. In Hebrew, the hummus grain is called "chimtza", a name that Lesser caught.
Hummus is one of the easier legumes to digest (compared to beans, for example), and is also low in fat when you don't buy it in a box at the supermarket.

The Simple Happy Kitchen enamel pins are set in the center of a matching cardboard background, and each one has its own special virtues!

The size of the hummus pin is 4.6x2.7 cm