Corn Enamel Pin | Simple Happy Kitchen

₪ 26.00

Jessica Kornfield is a well-known cornflower, of the corn variety. She is always happy, sweet, yellow, and the daughter of a vegan corn soup born in a cheap Chinese restaurant in the eighties. She likes to run in the open fields and do the trick of asking people to say "I want corn corn corn corn"... most don't cooperate with her. At the end of a meeting with her, it is recommended to pull out a toothpick.

Corn is a tropical plant from the cereal family, originating in Central America. Besides hot corn, popcorn, salads, bread, and soups, you can also make oil, insanely sweet syrup, flour, and a lot of other things that you didn't think of. It has about 800 nuclei arranged in 16 rows, on average.

The Simple Happy Kitchen enamel pins are set in the center of a matching cardboard background, and each one has its own special virtues!

The size of the corn pin is 1.4x4.1 cm