Tel Aviv book Food, people and stories

₪ 199.00

The book of recipes, atmosphere and longing for Tel Aviv and our excellent food written by Nouriel Molcho and his mother Haya Molcho - a former Israeli who heads the culinary empire NENI (acronyms of the names of her four children), which sanctifies and distributes Israeli food abroad: in many branches in various cities in Europe, at the beach restaurant "Tel Avivit" on the banks of the Danube River, in a salad production line that is sold in thousands of supermarkets and much more.

Molcho, a central claimant to the crown of Europe's hummus queen, returns in the book to the landscape of her childhood, inviting readers to meet local chefs in the city non-stop and with fine Middle Eastern food, served in the book in eighty new recipes and accompanied by beautiful photographs.