Ragnar - tyvec polar Backpack | Akkoniq

₪ 549.00
By Akkoniq

Ragnar is a minimalist 23-liter everyday backpack. Like all Akkoniq products, it’s highly sustainable, PETA-certified vegan, and free of toxic substances. It’s also highly durable, yet at just 350 grams, it’s about five times lighter than the average backpack of the same size. Additionally, Ragnar’s DynaForm architecture offers you the flexibility to customize its shape, size, style, and even carrying mode.

The main fabric of the backpack, Tyvec Polar, is a 100% recyclable, OEKO-TEX®-certified material offering a combination of the performance of paper, film, and fabric with a soft, “creamy” texture. It’s water-resistant, shedding rain, snow, and spills, yet at the same time breathable, allowing water vapor to escape. The material is also durable and tear-resistant yet still lightweight and flexible, boasting a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. However, please keep in mind that being one of the most compactable and lightweight bags out there, it requires a bit more care and attention than your average heavy-duty bag to maintain its quality and condition. For example, dragging it on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt can cause damage to the fabric.

Like all Ragnar variants, this bag has three zippered pockets: two on the front and a concealed one on the inside. The two external side pockets are deep enough to securely hold items like water bottles and umbrellas without compromising on quick access. The bag also has an internal elastic mesh pocket for laptops and tablets, designed to keep the devices close to your back for better weight distribution and to ensure they don't get in the way of the rest of the gear in the main compartment. Additionally, an internal key hanger will provide easy access to your keys, saving you from having to fish for them among all your stuff at the bottom of the bag.

The minimalistic yet wide shoulder straps made of super-durable recycled spun polyester will easily adapt to the shape of your shoulders. In most cases, they'll offer the same level of comfort as padded straps, but unlike the latter, they will also serve you for many years.