Aravrit - "Sister" Silver Necklace | Liron Lavi-Turkenich

₪ 330.00

A unique and meaningful typography word necklace with the word “MY SISTER” in a combination of Hebrew and Arabic (Aravrit). Makes a lovely gift for sisters and girlfriends.
The necklace is carefully crafted.
”My sister” necklace is our bestseller. It allows showing someone’s values while wearing a beautiful piece of jewelery. The necklaces can be bought in pairs, strengthening friendships and human connections.
Each necklace is packaged in a box and comes with a card, showing how to read the words in both scripts.
“My sister” is:
اختي ‘Ukh·ti in Arabic
אחותי A·ho·ti in Hebrew

Because the necklace is hand made, there may be a slight variation in appearance.

About Aravrit:
Aravrit is an experimental writing system presenting a set of hybrid letters merging Hebrew and Arabic. Each letter is composed of Arabic on the upper half and a Hebrew on the bottom half. Aravrit has been featured in various places such as London’s Design Museum, BBC, Broadway, and TEDx.
In Aravrit, one can read any chosen language, without ignoring the other one, which is always present.

The necklaces are crafted for those who believe that design can make a real change.
By joining Hebrew and Arabic letters, we connect people, ideas and lives.

Design, typography and words can be not only beautiful but meaningful.