Time capsule - a treasure box for mother and baby - the perfect set | Nokket Studio

₪ 460.00
By nokket

** The box is a pre-ordered (up to 14 business days), the baby's name must be noted in the order notes. **

A treasure trove of treasures for the most important moments and memories from the pregnancy and birth journey, along with the first years of the baby's life. This is one place to collect all the treasures dear to your heart, which symbolize the most exciting memories and moments in your life. The box is actually a time capsule - when the day comes you can give it to your children and tell them about the exciting moments you have decided to keep and preserve.

The box was born with the thought of creating a special place, preserving small treasures and sweet memories, collected from the moment you become a parent.
Our treasure box allows you to enjoy all the magic moments you have created together. The design is delicate and minimalist to allow you to bring in the character through the items and objects you keep and love.

What will you find in the bundle?

Basic cell division.

3 cotton bags in two sizes that will preserve valuables.

5 paper folders in a dedicated compartment for documents, photos and drawings.

Sticker page for filing and labeling cells.

3 boxes in two sizes to complete the internal division.

Name plate made of custom engraved brass with your baby's name.

You will decide what and how you want to keep - the box will suit you for every need!