Concrete "Ness" Menorah | Mucha Design Studio


Ness Menorah
About 320 grams of natural white / gray concrete.
The reeds of the menorah are filled with gold-colored resin, the whole menorah is coated with transparent resin.
The sentence "A great miracle was here ( NESS GADOL HAYA PO)" is stamped on the menorah.
Perfect for thin Hanukkah candles.
The Menorah is kosher.

Menorah dimensions:
25*5 cm. Material thickness 1.4 cm.

Recommended use in the menorah:
The menorah should be placed in a stable and safe place and objects that could catch fire should be kept away, candles should not be left lit unattended.
It is not recommended to scrape off the wax residue with a knife or a sharp object. It is possible to "wash" the menorah with hot water that will dissolve the excess wax and then wipe with a dry cloth.
Concrete is a material that naturally absorbs liquids, despite the coating of the product, it must be taken into account that when the temperature is high (usually when the candle comes to an end) the wax may seep in and create stains in the concrete.
Let the menorah accumulate the wax from candle to candle and this will only add to the character of the menorah and the unique family atmosphere you will create around it every year.