Origami Mezuzah - "ZigZag" | Graciela


A unique mezuzah made by hand from colored concrete with a rough finish.

The design of the mezuzah was born from the work on folding paper (origami) and was transferred to be made in concrete, so that the contrast between the softness and flexibility of the paper and the hardness of the concrete is noticeable.

The mezuzah comes in five possible colors to choose from:
Yellow, light blue, light green, terracotta, dark gray, white granite.

The mezuzah is suitable for interior and exterior doors.

Each mezuzah is produced uniquely, by hand and from an environmentally friendly mineral material.

On the back of the mezuzah is a strong double-sided adhesive. Before fixing the mezuzah, the door frame must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. To place the mezuzah, remove the top layer above the double-sided adhesive, place the mezuzah in the desired place and apply pressure for about 30 seconds until it is in a good and stable position.
Mezuzah dimensions:
Length - 13.5 cm
Width - 3 cm
Depth - 2 cm
*The mezuzah comes without parchment and is suitable for parchment of up to 10 cm.
*If the selected model is out of stock, we will update and offer another model found / order from the designer.
*The product is handmade and there may be a slight difference between the picture and the product received.
*The mezuzah is not suitable for gluing on rough surfaces.