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Expression & Building Blocks – Building and Emotion game

Our wooden block stacking game has a unique element designed for facial expressions to help your child’s emotional development.
Playing with our Montessori wood blocks toy, encourage your child to study various expressions and moods. While also building amazing puzzle designs and developing motor skills, logic, and creativity.

The wooden cubes expressions are made of safe and all-natural materials that will pass the test of time. The kids building game is easy to use and allows your kid to design endless models, so your kid can put their imagination to the test. The building blocks are made with non-toxic dyes and durable wood for a safe playing environment.
Some features to keep in mind about our product:
• Size: 49.5 x 49.5 x 28.5 cm.
• The blocks feature facial expressions.
• Designed to promote emotional development.
• Great for boys and girls.
• Awesome gift for smart kids.
• Help to encourage parent-child bonding.
• Made of 100% wood.
• Promote fine motor skills.
• Unlimited creative potential.
• A fun range of activities for adults and kids alike.
• Help to keep kids away from screens and tablets.
The fun never stops with the KIPOD wooden blocks!