Pastel Bushes Quartet | Stav Studio


A charming set of four abstract shrubs in pleasant pastel colors (olive green, yellow, light blue, light green).
Perfect for those who love and want to bring a little nature into the home, as an object to decorate a corner of the house and as a sweet addition to your children's collection of unique toys, which encourage open and imaginative play.
Produced and painted by meticulous handwork, one by one in the studio, in Israel.
Average bush size:
10 cm wide
8 cm high
2 cm thick
Type of wood: made of solid poplar wood.
Paint: Water-based paint, safe for children to use.
Total weight: 300 grams
*The set comes in a gift box.
*Please note - the coloring sample changes from time to time and can be slightly different from what is shown in the pictures.
Recommended for children aged 3+