Concrete Mezuzah | Clos Studio


A concrete mezuzah by Studio Kloss, a boutique studio specializing in the design of concrete home products. The brand name means "CLOS" - create a love story.
Visible and hidden, these are two words that led in the design of the mezuzah house. The letter S is hidden in the negative of the stripes, you can see it hiding there, it is there and not there between visible and hidden.
The studio's inspiration comes from minimalist design styles, with clean lines of the modern world. With a unique aesthetic that combines harmony between lines, shapes, colors and textures.
In the studio, they work with different production methods and techniques that combine art alongside contemporary technology and a combination of diverse materials.
The product is made by hand and therefore may not be found in the available stock, if the product is not available we will update and provide appropriate options (replacement/order a new one from the studio).
*The mezuzah house comes in three sizes to choose from.
**The mezuzah comes without parchment.