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Creating a State - 50 key figures in the revival of the land and the revival of the Hebrew language.

This book presents 50 key figures in the journey of the Jewish people in general and the Zionist movement in particular, who acted and led to that founding moment of the declaration of independence. Each of the characters in the book has a considerable influence, each in its field and time, on the Zionist enterprise, on the revival of modern Hebrew culture, and on the resurrection of the state as a result. Each illustration of a figure is accompanied by a concise text, both in Hebrew and English, describing the main points of its work and contribution in the period preceding 5 Iyar 1958.

This is a must-read book in every Israeli home and a perfect gift for any type of event.


Creating a State - A Bilingual Book (opened on both sides)
Book dimensions: 21/16 cm
106 pages
Year of publication: 2022
Research and writing: Guy Finkelstein and Assaf Harari
Hebrew to English translation: Sharon Blass