The Hummus Book

By HaKosem

This unique project involves more than 30 contributors, including iconic chefs, researchers, photographers, illustrators, philosophers, and more, in an unprecedented collaboration between people of all backgrounds, including Claudia Roden, Sami Tamimi, David Loftus, Karim Haidar, Farouk Mardam-Bey, Joudie Kalla, Mohammad Orfali, Prof. Liora Gvion, and many more.

The many adventures on this joint journey were collected in this groundbreaking art book and cookbook, which brings a wealth of 70 recipes shared here for the first time. This rich repository is dotted with stories, essays, and anecdotes that transcend place and time - from ancient Egypt and Greek mythologies, to the song of Rumi and the force of the future's superfoods.

On the Hummus Route showcases never-been-seen images of street photography capturing the vibe of everyday life in Gaza, Tel Aviv, Beirut, and Damascus in a rare and personal statement, which unfolds the immense diversity of dishes, friendships, and dreams that can be created with this one little grain - the world's most ancient raw material.