3D printed vase - set of three small vases | Shapeless

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is a 3D printed line that is made
in collaboration between designer Ortal & The Israel museum.
the illusion is in the material
it seems metallic and heavy
but it is made from a surprisingly
light polymer. The unique look,
created by the curves of the vase,
that reflect the light rays in multiple
different ways and gives the vase
an interesting look on every angle.
It add a color and a unique form
to your space.
The vases are made using 3D printing technology,
from PLA material based on corn starch
100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
Each object is printed from thousands of layers,
with no waste residue in the printing process.

size of vases:
1. 5.3*11.9 cm
2. 8.1*10.9 cm
3. 6*8.6 cm