Yotam Ottolenghi Test Kitchen book


Yotam Ottolongi and Sami Tamimi are Jerusalemites in the past and Londoners in the present. Ottolenghi comes from the western-Jewish side of the city, Tamimi comes from the eastern-Palestinian side. They met in London and opened a restaurant together that became a culinary and cultural phenomenon that became famous all over the world. The two published two successful cookbooks that were translated into several languages, and this is their third book, in which they return to their quarry: Jerusalem.

The book contains an exciting and appetizing selection of local recipes that Tamimi and Ottolenghi developed - roasted meats, plenty of vegetables, juicy and spicy seasonings, breakfast dishes soaked in market aromas, sesame seeds, cardamom and cumin, sweet pastries from the eastern city - everything is detailed in precise preparation instructions alongside spectacular photographs that will make Everyone drool.