Jazz Print, "Trombone" - Musical Poster | Amit Maoz


High quality digital print of a musical instrument and a player that comes to life through a simple app that gives art another layer through augmented reality technology and original music!


Amit explores the different proportions between the instrument and the musician and creates an attempt to describe the power of the music that the instrument produces in relation to the musician, and the connection created between them.

This effect is presented through dramatic colors, graphic shapes and a sense of infinite space.

Print details: This art print is part of a musical series that is sold in various museums and galleries across Europe and features new augmented reality technology.


Just download the Artivive app, scan the poster with your phone / tablet camera and the graphics come to life on your wall! The animation is accompanied by original music.


The print comes in three sizes (A4, A3, A2).

Fine Art print with UltraChrome HD ink.

Digital printing on quality paper 250 g White Fine Art.

The print comes signed by the artist.

Please note - Prints are sold without a frame!