"Sun Print" (cyanotype) - Crimson Fountain Grass | Shaked Shamir


A square "sun print" (cyanotype) measuring 25*25 cm.

· Sun print of a plant that has been dried and then printed manually on acrylic paper that has been processed with a special layer under the sun.
· The print is in a spectacular blue shade.

Shaked is a curator, artist and art instructor. You are presented with beautiful cyanotype prints of wild and ornamental plants that are found in her studio environment.
Shaked collects the plants, dries them and then prints them manually in the sunlight on acrylic paper on which she applies a layer of light-sensitive solution which in the sunlight - a print is obtained in the spectacular shades of blue.

*The print comes without framing, you can add a frame.
***The prints are handmade and in limited quantities.
If the print you wanted is not in stock - we will update and offer an alternative / order a new one from the designer.