Kinetic mobile - 'swallow' | Stav Studio


The 'swallow' kinetic mobile was inspired by the lovely bird that lives and flies in Israel - the swallow. The mobile will bring a pleasant touch of nature into your home, and the pleasant movement of the mobile's movement in space creates calmness and peace, both for us adults and for our babies.
It's a perfect birthday gift, housewarming gift, special gift.
You can hang the mobile from the ceiling in any corner of the house, in the study, in the children's room, above the changing table or the baby/children's bed.
The air movement in the room will move the swallows by itself.

Mobile size:
Length- 38 cm + 1.2 meters of hanging wire
Width - 30 cm
Average size for the bird - 11x11 cm, 7 mm thick
Type of wood: made of natural myla wood
Color: The shades of the wood range from white to gray
How to hang: in the package you will receive a dedicated hook for hanging + a suitable dowel to allow you to hang comfortably from any ceiling in the house.
Can also be hung using a nail in a wooden ceiling.
The hanging wire can be adjusted using a knot according to the length you want.
Total weight: 300 grams
Packaging: packed in an ecological gift box.