Illuminated frame - 20*20 cm square | Framelie


Turn your photos into an exciting, original and unforgettable gift!

Primali is a handmade illuminated picture frame, made of solid wood (birch). The frame is illuminated by a strip of LED lights powered by a low voltage V5 transformer. The LED bulbs provide a neutral light that can be adjusted with a built-in dimmer to match the light that best suits your image and the room's atmosphere. The image is printed using an advanced Epson printer on a special slide that transmits the light and creates a stunning visual effect. The frames are designed for display on a dresser/shelf and can also be easily hung on the wall. All you have to do is upload your favorite photo directly from your phone or computer, and it will be sent to you free of charge.

What do you get when you order Primal?
Ready-to-use blank frame, 1.5m textile-coated USB cable with dimmer and USB transformer.
All you need to do is simply upload your favorite photo directly from your phone or computer, and it will be sent free of charge. All the details come in the product packaging!

How do I upload a photo to the site?
After you choose your primary, click on the "upload image" button. Choose a jpeg/jpg/png file from your phone or computer. The file size must be a maximum of 10MB.
Is there a minimum resolution that the image should have?
To ensure good quality printing, the size of the image should be at least 800 pixels. Primely's website will warn you if the image is smaller than this. Most smartphones save the images in a higher resolution. It is recommended not to use the images transferred on WhatsApp because the quality of the image decreases significantly. You should use photos taken on your cell phone or those sent to you by email/drive or in any way that preserves the size of the photo.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
We guarantee 3-10 business days. We make great efforts so that you receive your photo as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost to ship the photo?
Your photo will be sent for free all over the country!

Is it possible to change the picture I received in the frame?
Yes, Primal provides this service for an additional fee. You are welcome to contact

Can I use any USB cable I have?
Yes. Primal can work with any type C cable. We provide a 1.5M red textile cable with a built-in dimmer.

Does the frame have to be connected to electricity?
Yes. If you want the picture to be illuminated, the frame must be connected to electricity, just like a table lamp.