Land & Sea Fishing Game | Kipod


The Kipod Land & Sea Fishing game offers hours of fun for children aged 2+
The Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game is a great tool to develop your child’s hand and eye coordination as well as their motor skills, problem-solving skills, and patience.
The child can play on his own, with a friend, or parents.
The game has 12 fishes, 2 fishing rods, and 3 playing mats (one sea and two lands), the fish are made of wood and a felt cloth that hides the magnet to challenge the children to catch the fish without seeing the magnet.
A game for a couple – place all the fish in the sea, each participant places his piece of land at an equal distance from the sea, the goal is to run and catch as many fish as possible and place them on land, the fish fall between the sea and the land? The participant has to start from the beginning, the winner is the one who caught the most fish.