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A fun assembly toy for the development of toddlers, a two-way cube puzzle (two puzzles) of quality wooden cubes connected to each other.
The connected cubes make the assembly of the puzzles accessible to toddlers, thus developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial perception, and self-confidence of the toddler/child.

No more cubes that are scattered all over the house and no more cube puzzles that you can't put together.

For children aged 2-5
* Uncompromising quality - cube puzzle, like all the products of Studio Kipod, is made of wood and high-quality, mainly natural / ecological materials.
Important Information! All products have been tested and passed strict standards in Israel and around the world for the safety of children's toys.
* Fun to learn through play - with an assembly toy, children develop cognitive and motor skills, logical thinking, and helps improve attention and concentration.