Illustrated plate "Gury guard from above" - Hagar Bareket


Hagar's illustrated plates are handmade by Hagar Bareket Foundation and precise according to Hagar's instructions and her unique working methods as she left behind.
There are two sizes: 25 cm in diameter and 19 cm in diameter (unless otherwise stated). The plates come with a gilded hanger for hanging on the wall.
A high-quality layer of protective lacquer sprays envelops the plate, but contact with water should be avoided and only gently cleaned with a dry cloth.
Hagar, a talented and promising Israeli illustrator and designer, passed away when she was only 27 years old, on Rosh Hashana 5771, September 20, 2020.

Hagar was endowed with an occupying inner and outer beautiful inside and out with and a radiant presence, a wide and optimistic smile and self-humor, alongside perfectionism and depth of thought. All of this was evident in her attitude to the world and those around her and in her art and works.

Hagar was full of kindness and joy of life and was blessed with the miraculous ability to see and contain emphasize with the other. Every person as far as he is concerned has received equal, warm and respectful treatment from her. Her humanity was a source of her strong connection with the animal world which was characterized by great and full of compassion towards it. and a developed sense of justice.

The curiosity, the desire to explore and get to the bottom of things characterized Hagar very much and she was not afraid to ask questions or demonstrate her weaknesses.

Hagar has always aspired to challenge herself with new experiences and getting out of her comfort zones, in her life and in her art alike.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of Hagar's works are donated to the Hagar Bareket Foundation (AR) which was founded in Hagar's memory and is inspired by her it. The foundation promot and support excellence among promising Israeli illustrators
Delivery time if not in stock - 4 working days.